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Waiting List

Why a paid waiting list?
Why a paid waiting list?

We are overwhelmed by the love our dachshunds have drawn from friends and followers, and humbled by the number of inquiries we receive between litters. Many people we talk with are seeking a puppy immediately; others are just casually looking at the prospect of adding a new dachshund to their family. We’ve needed a way to organize our contact list so that we can efficiently communicate with those who are waiting for our puppies.

By joining our paid Waiting List, you are saying that you’re reasonably sure that you want to adopt a puppy from Schnickelfritz Hounds, that you’re willing to wait (possibly up to 18 months, depending on your preferences), and that we should contact you personally with breeding updates, litter announcements, and deposit info.

If you’re not at that point yet, you’re still welcome here! We have lots of resources to share on our website, and are happy to answer any questions you have. If you’re local, please consider a visit to meet our dogs and see how they’re raised, and to help us socialize our puppies when we have a litter! We’d love for you to consider adding a Schnickelfritz Hounds baby to your family when the time is right for you!

How do I get added?
How do I get added to the waiting list?

Step 1:  Submit the Puppy Interest Form on our website.

Step 2:  We’ll review your Puppy Interest Form and contact you to discuss your preferences & timeline.

Step 3:  Send your $25 payment through Zelle (817-627-9880) or Venmo (@schnickel).

Step 4:  Sign & date this document and email it to

What is the next step?
I'm on the waiting list! What's the next step?

Continue to watch our Facebook page for announcements! We will often post publicly when one of our girls comes into season, has a confirmed pregnancy, or goes into labor. Shortly after a litter is born, we’ll reach out to you with an official litter announcement, so that you can decide whether you’d like to adopt a puppy from this litter, and you’ll need to respond within 24 hours. At this point, you’re encouraged to send the remainder of your Holding Fee ($200 – $25 = $175) to secure your particular puppy or “pick.”

How does it work?
How does it work?
  • Choices from a litter proceed in the following order:

  1. We breed for ourselves first, and reserve the right to keep any puppy from any litter for our program.

  2. Holding Fee ($200) in the order received. Contact us if you want to discuss skipping the Waiting List and placing your full Holding Fee instead.

  3. Waiting List ($25) in the order received.

  4. Other approved families.

  • The $25 payment is non-refundable, but applies to the total price if/when you decide to purchase a puppy.

  • While it is unlikely, we reserve the right to refuse any puppy placement at any time and for any reason. In the unlikely event that we decide not to place a puppy with you, the $25 payment and any other payments will be refunded.

  • Litter announcements will be sent to those with Holding Fees and the Waiting List shortly after puppies are born.

  • Waiting List families will have 24 hours to respond, letting us know whether they’d like to adopt a puppy from this litter. (At this stage, you’re not choosing a specific puppy, but if you’re set on one gender and/or coat type, please let us know.)

  • We’ll communicate with each person who responds “yes” as soon as we can to confirm your preferences. We’ll let you know if it looks like someone higher on the list may choose a puppy that you would have chosen, to see if you might be flexible or prefer to wait. Once we’ve responded, we’ll need to receive the remainder of your holding fee ($175) via Zelle within 24 hours in order to hold your puppy or “pick”.

  • If you prefer to wait for the next litter, or want to wait and see which puppies are available once official matches have been made with other families, just respond to the litter announcement within 24 hours to let us know. You’ll keep your spot on the Waiting List.

  • In the event that we don’t receive a response to the litter announcement within 24 hours, we will proceed to the next person on the Waiting List. If we don’t receive a response from you for two separate litters, your name will be removed from the Waiting List, and the $25 payment will be forfeited.

  • You’re encouraged to visit early, usually starting when the puppies are about 2 weeks old! We typically don’t want puppies to be chosen only from pictures, so let’s start planning early for something that suits your schedule.

  • Optimally, we’d like to know which puppies are spoken for and which we can make available to the public when they’re about 6 weeks old. However, each litter is different, and depending on where you are in the line of choices, there may be others waiting to select their puppy after you’ve made your final choice. We’ll let you know when we envision having your puppy matched with you in our early communication.

  • While we give preference to choices in the order described above, please understand that we are dealing with living creatures whose lifelong welfare is our top priority. We’ll work with you to select the optimal individual puppy for your family and lifestyle, and for this reason, we put personality and temperament above appearance. To that end, we reserve the right and responsibility to make recommendations for specific puppies and families, which are based on the hundreds of hours we spend with each litter and our experiences mentoring previous puppy buyers and their companions.

How long?
How long is the waiting list?

You can view our current deposits and waiting list here.

We reserve the right to make adjustments to this list at any time.

Waiting List Form

Waiting List Form

Puppy Adoption Process

Step 1
Puppy Interest Form

Tell us a little about your family and what you're looking for in a puppy.

See the core concepts of our puppy-raising philosophy and find out if we're the breeder you want to work with!

Then we'll get in touch!

Step 2
Waiting List

​If we don't have puppies available but you're pretty sure you want to adopt a puppy from us, join the waiting list! Hold your spot in line without the larger commitment of a deposit.

Puppies are available to the waiting list before the public and after those with deposits.

Step 3

Your $200 deposit holds your puppy until he/she is ready to go home, and applies to the total cost of your puppy.

Those with standing deposits have first choice when we have puppies.

Step 4
Puppy Parents Page

​Before you take your puppy home, you'll want to review the materials on this page, specifically for our puppy parents!

It contains a pre-puppy checklist, supplies to have on hand, and a few important items to read ahead of time.

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