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Hannah Park

Adriane and Ben made this entire process so easy and enjoyable, they’re truly amazing! It was very important to me that I chose a breeder who would bring up the puppies in a healthy environment and they really show how much they care for these puppies. My now 6 month old pup is the best decision I’ve made and i believe it reflects on the way they nurtured him from the start. He’s incredibly sweet and well behaved, I honestly couldn’t be happier that I found them! Adriane was also so friendly and responsive whenever I had any questions even AFTER having my now little best friend :)


After tons of research, we found Schnickelfritz Hounds. After our first conversation, I knew Adriane was the breeder for us. Her dogs were beautiful and she spoke of them as if they were family. She was very honest and helpful from beginning to end. We got Teague on Christmas Eve 2013. We were very impressed with Adriane and the care she takes with each of her dogs and puppies. The area in her home where she kept the dogs and puppies was clean and well maintained. Teague has been healthy and such a blessing to our family. Adriane was amazing through the entire process including answering our many questions. Corresponding with her was never a problem. I highly recommend Adriane as a breeder and I wouldn't get another dachshund from anyone else!

Katherine DeVillier

The communication was amazing. We were all set to pick up our new puppy but then our worlds were overturned when hurricane Laura destroyed our town. Our vet was badly damaged. They were so understanding and kept in close contact with us over several weeks. Our puppy went to another family and now that we are back on our feet we are anxiously awaiting our new puppy. The experience with Schnickelfritz is so personalized. The puppies are spoiled and they raise them like family members!

Michelle Schultz

Schnickelfritz Hounds is amazing!! We got our dachshund 2 years ago and it was the best decision we have ever made. Schnickelfritz Hounds is so much more than just a dachshund breeder. They are truly a second family to our puppy! Before you get your puppy and even years after you have the new family member they are only a text or phone call away when you have any questions or want any puppy updates (once you get one you’ll be wanting another shortly!) The moment we saw how they care for their fur babies we knew they were perfect. They offer advice when it comes to training your puppy, as well as always being only a phone call away if you need them. We couldn’t ask for a better family for Neville to come from!

Shantelle & Harry Urey

I absolutely loved meeting Schnickelfritz Hounds! Their passion for this breed is incredible and the attention to every detail in raising the sweetest babies is remarkable. Our angel Daisy May May has been a blessing and makes our family complete. Her temperament is the perfect balance of sweetness and curiousness. Schnickelfritz Hounds did an amazing job at raising such a wonderful pup! We are completely and totally in love with our girl! THANK YOU SCHNICKELFRITZ HOUNDS!

Priscilla Hammons

The love and care that they put into their puppies shows in how well they adjust. From the start of my communication to months after I brought my Sweet V home, Schnickelfritz Hounds were awesome. Passing along resources to help my girl adjust quickly to her new home. They allowed me to visit as much as I wanted to in the weeks leading up to our take home date. I also received tons of pictures of my girl while she was still weening.

I really cannot say enough about Schnickelfritz Hounds! I'm so blessed to be apart of their extended family!

Trish Schabram

I loved how we were able to socialize with the puppies! To be able to get down to play, cuddle and make a connection with a certain puppy... because let’s face it- all puppies are precious. Everything from the paperwork, shots regimen, feeding tips, questions/ concerns were all explained in detail before taking our puppy home.

Stacie Fisher

Our experience with two miniature dachshunds from Adriane and Ben was exceptional. We had never bought puppies from a breeder before and we hit the jackpot with Schnickelfritz Hounds. From the moment we went to look at them and observing how they were raised, we knew we had found breeders who were knowledgeable and dedicated to their puppies’ needs. They tend to the babies inside their house, adapting their home to a safe, healthy, nurturing environment for the puppies to thrive. And their help doesn’t stop when you take the puppy home. My pups are two years old now and I have relied on their expertise and advice many times. I highly recommend this breeder if you are looking for quality pure breed miniature dachshunds.

Rosie McIntire

Schnickelfritz Hounds gave me the most enjoyable experience I've ever had in getting a new puppy. Adriane and Benjamin were so nice and it was very clear how passionate they are about this breed.

Their puppies are raised in a very clean and loving environment. The puppies were healthy, happy, well socialized and mine was almost potty trained to grass when I picked her up. I was encouraged to visit often. They were always available and very responsive to any questions or concerns I had.

I was amazed at how much time Adriane and Benjamin invest in their puppies. They really love what they do and they really love their dogs. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new puppy.

Bev Stibbens

Such a great experience.... from our first visit to make our choice to picking him up. Maks was trained to use grass for his needs, a great eater, microchipped and so loving. We were sent home with everything we needed for his transition. Schnickelfritz Hounds is the best!

Jordan Blackwood

I love that the breeders gave the puppies a cost home feeling while still keeping mamma near! I also love that they start training the puppies from day 1 to use stairs to get off and on the couch so they don't hurt their wienie backs! We love our Poppie girl so much and we can't imagine our lives without her. Thank you for giving us our baby!

Theresa Diggs

I was very impressed with the love and care given to the dogs by Ben and Adriane. They clearly love them and give them the best care to start their new life. They are always available to answer any questions and help with any issues that might arise - although I have had none. Just knowing they are a phone call away is a great comfort. Sadie is a great dog and I am so glad that I got her from a great breeder that takes such great care of their dogs/puppies. Would definitely go to them again if I decide to get another one. Their puppies are the best .

Matti Runion

The breeders are so kind and helpful. They love the puppies and care about the future families.

Kit Darling

Scnickelfritz Hounds raises puppies in a loving home with a heathy and clean environment while providing plenty of opportunities for interactions and socialization. Adriane and Benjamin are responsible breeders that love their dogs and spend many hours providing great care. They answered my questions and allowed me to visit their home multiple times. They continue to stay in contact, enjoy seeing our precious Leyna, and willing to answer questions. I talked with several breeders before deciding on A puppy from Scnickelfritz Hounds. The other breeders spoke very highly of the Hendee’s and said “they really spend a lot of time socializing their puppies”. We love Leyna and she quickly adjusted to our home and other dogs. Thanks to Scnickelfritz Hounds for all the time you spend giving puppies a good loving start.

Rachel Tatum

Adriane and Benjamin are very knowledgeable and raise their puppies with lots of love. All of the enrichment they provided the puppies with in their first 10 weeks of life resulted in happy and healthy pups, ready to be the perfect family dog.

Sarah Lock

The Hendees raised Winnie with love and care. Winnie is smart, sweet, and well-socialized. Every vet and dog-care worker we take her to raves about what a well-mannered, sweet, and beautiful dachshund she is. She has brought much joy to our lives and to the lives of everyone she meets.

Ashley Collins

I have never seen anyone in my life put as much care, time and energy into their dogs, puppies and puppy families as I have with Schnickelfritz Hounds. Not only are they amazing at raising puppies with the utmost care, they put just as much care into ensuring the care of each puppy is continued by screening and selecting wonderful, safe, and loving individuals and families to provide the most wonderful future puppy homes for these sweet little babies. As a multi-dog owner and former breeder myself, I can say I have never been more impressed with the way Schnickelfritz Hounds does business and takes care of everyone through the process of transitioning sweet baby puppies from their litter mates and mama to human beings who provide a safe, loving environment for the puppies to grow up in.

Glenda Yeats

Puppies were in excellent health. Well feed , lively, and socialized. Owner well knowledgable and quite discerning about who her puppies new owner would be. She provided helpful books, toys and 2 or 3 months worth of food. We love our dog so much and wish to get more someday

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