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Raw Feeding Groups & Resources

When we began feeding a raw diet, we quickly learned that online groups and forums are a wealth of information for this topic! While all sources must be vetted, and even good groups can have misleading information, learning from others who love their dogs and want to keep them healthy has worked well for us. Here are some specific Facebook groups and websites that we’ve found particularly helpful.

If you haven’t read our introductory articles, Raw Feeding Basics and Sources for Raw Food, you may want to start there and come back to this page. When you’re ready, check out our related article on the Pet Fooled Documentary.

Groups & Websites

Specific Articles

So you want to feed a homemade raw diet to your dog, but you don’t know where to begin. You’ve probably realized by now that there are many ways to feed raw. It all comes down to determining your pet’s individual needs, as well as your own. Figuring all of this out may include some trial and error, which does require some time and patience while you learn and adapt to this new adventure of feeding a homemade raw diet.

A poll was taken to determine the average cost per pound of raw food members of the Raw Feeding Community were spending.

Can’t feed raw? That’s okay, here’s a guide to kibble.

This article aims to address the current science based evidence that can be used as support of the merits of raw food diets.

“…the administration of [raw based] diet promoted a more balanced growth of bacterial communities and a positive change in the readouts of healthy gut functions in comparison to [extruded] diet.” – Sandri, et al. (2016) “Raw meat based diet influences faecal microbiome and end products of fermentation in healthy dogs.” BMC Veterinary Research

Some say that diets that are too high in protein can cause kidney disease in dogs. Is this true, and does that mean a raw diet might be dangerous for your dog?

Are kibble fed dogs’ gastric pH values significantly less acidic than raw fed dogs’, and does this mean dogs are unable to safely consume both raw and dry foods?

Organ meat is a very important aspect of many raw diets. Extremely nutrient dense, it is almost like the “multivitamin” of the raw diet. Without organs, a diet can easily become deficient in many vitamins (especially vitamin A) and minerals. But organ meat is also very rich …

There is sufficient evidence that dogs can survive on vegetarian and even vegan diets. But whether or not a dog survives on a particular diet should not be the determining factor in deciding whether or not that diet is healthy.

Green tripe is the raw, unprocessed stomach of ruminant animals, like beef, bison, goat, venison, or sheep. While tripe can be found at some grocery stores, it is not the same thing as GREEN tripe; green tripe can’t legally be sold for human consumption.

In this article, I plan to bust some myths and explain why I changed my philosophy when it comes to including vegetables in raw dog food diets.

Different ways to switch your dog to raw!

What comes to mind when someone asks you about a balanced, raw diet for pets? Does balance exist in commercial or DIY raw pet food? Should we be looking to AAFCO for what should be “complete and balanced?” Is feeding a variety of proteins and balancing over time enough?

…I was hesitant to switch to raw feeding, but after doing far more research into this and finally making the leap, I’d like to give you my 12 reasons why I thought it to be a good idea.


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