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Puppy Training Books We Recommend

Of all the puppy-raising resources we could possibly recommend, Dr. Ian Dunbar’s free e-books rank the highest on our list. Download both of these books for free to read as a PDF! When you visit, we’ll give you a bound copy of the first book, and you’ll take home a copy of the second book with your puppy.

Before You Get Your Puppy covers your doggy education, and preparing your home for your puppy. It is imperative that you complete your reading of this book at least a week before your puppy comes home, so that you have time to set up your long-term confinement area and your short-term confinement area.

  • Chapter 1 – Developmental Deadlines

  • Chapter 2 – Your Doggy Education

  • Chapter 3 – Evaluating Puppy Progress

  • Chapter 4 – Errorless Housetraining

  • Chapter 5 – Puppy Priorities

After You Get Your Puppy picks up where the first book leaves off, and covers the important milestones your puppy should reach (with your help). It also covers the management of common behavior problems, which Dr. Dunbar shows us are really just normal “doggy” behavior, and need to be replaced with new behaviors. You should carve out time to read this book within the first week that your puppy is in your home.

  • Chapter 1 – Developmental Deadlines

  • Chapter 2 – Household Etiquette 101

  • Chapter 3 – Home Alone

  • Chapter 4 – Socialization with People

  • Chapter 5 – Learning Bite Inhibition

  • Chapter 6 – Adolescent Problems

Both books are shared with the permission of the author (Dr. Ian Dunbar) and the publisher (James & Kenneth Publishers).


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